About Covid-19black


Is a health initiative to educate our community on strategies to strengthen our health and reduce the spread of COVID-19 within the Black community.


To engage, inform and educate our community on strategies for overpowering the legacy of discrimination that has perpetuated the social and economic inequalities Black communities face today.


Better Outcomes
Longevity of Life
Access to Accurate Information and Resources
Culturally Proficient Care
Knowledge that Makes a Difference

Covid19Black Project Team

As the Founder & CEO of Unity Care and Founder & Chair Emeritus of the Black Leadership Kitchen Cabinet, André Chapman has dedicated his life’s work to advocating for underserved communities while challenging formal system partners on how to effectively engage communities of color.

In late March Mr. Chapman awoke in the middle of the night thinking about the disproportionate impact COVID-19 was having upon the Black community. He thought about the confusion and misunderstanding about the disease within his own family and the organization he leads. He recognized the lack of trustworthy communications and education about COVID-19 for the Black community, and he felt compelled to take an offensive stand.

From that 4 a.m. brainstorm, COVID-19 Black was born. An initiative of Unity Care in partnership with the Black Leadership Kitchen Cabinet, COVID-19 Black aims to educate African Americans not only about how to protect themselves from COVID-19 but also about the other health and wellness issues impacting their community. We refer to these as the backpacks of trauma that affect all aspects of our lives: health, education, housing, employment, legal system, environmental and social well-being.

COVID-19 Black is an opportunity to leverage our collective strengths so that our community is better engaged, informed and educated about the preventive measures needed to fight this health crisis. COVID-19 Black is also a platform to shape a narrative of our own content and storytellers to best convey our messaging and strategies for overpowering this legacy of discrimination.

Andre' Chapman

Project Founder
CEO of Unity Care and Founder & Chair Emeritus of the Black Leadership Kitchen Cabinet.

LaChelle Eddines

Project Team
Development Supervisor for Unity Care & Silicon Valley based health and fitness enthusiast

Aaron Chapman

Video Production & Media
Graduate of University of Washington, a California-based film director, content producer, marketing specialist and the co-founder of Neuvant, a creative production and digital marketing agency.

Jarami Bond

Video Production & Media
Graduate of NC State, Jarami is Co-Founder of Neuvant, photographer, cinematographer, and producer grounded in the belief that everyone’s story matters and deserves to be told.

Joelle Williams

Social Media Team
Jo is a former foster youth, scholar, and artist who is dedicated to co-creating brighter futures alongside trauma survivors. She graduated from Stanford University with honors and is a Master's student at UC Berkeley pursuing her MPH.

Mariama Suwaneh

Social Media Team
Mariama is a Seattle-based blogger, speaker and DEI advocate dedicated to cultivating the confidence, capacity, and courage of women of color. A graduate of University of Washington, she currently works as the Director of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion at Hopelink.

Tajai McGehee

Social Media Team
Tajai is a graduate of San Francisco State University with a B.A in communication & minor in journalism

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